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Ceiling fan falls down while family was having dinner Viral Video

By - Siju Kuriyedam Sreekumar -- Thursday, August 26, 2021 , 06:50 PM
Family dinners are a great time to catch up with everyone. However, this family's dinner turned into a nightmare when a ceiling fan suddenly dropped in the middle.

In the 1-minute clip, a family of six was peacefully sitting down on a mat and enjoying their dinner. As the video progressed, a ceiling fan suddenly dropped in the middle. The dinner got interrupted due to it and the mother ran towards the infant. Luckily, nobody was injured. Moreover, the best part was the calm and composed demeanour of the family.

As we Checked This is Fake Video . The Kid looking at Ceiling before falls .. Fan not rotating after fall . If the fan was off then why did the kid look at ceiling . and why fan just compleated one rotating when fall . And the weight of the fan looks like paper one . 


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